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You can download the E-Data Collection Survey System and the Formulator.NET Form Builder completely free of charge.

Find out for yourself just how easy it is to build surveys and other forms with a complete data management system and analysis tools in just a fraction of the time it would otherwise take a programmer to develop.

Formulator.NET: The robust FREE Form Builder that enables you to create a wide range of Web forms on the fly.

Form Builer Create forms easily with the Form Wizard, and customize the logic for how your administrative users manage form submissions. Add comments, change statuses, reassign work, and track each submission's history. Search form submissions based on a vast array of filters, or quickly locate a submission by simply supplying the reference number. Examples of form builder projects created with Formulator.NET include Reservation Systems, Help Desk Trouble Ticket systems, Contact forms, and Employment Applications.

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Recent Additions

User Guides: Find quick answers regarding the use of the products on this site with the Form Builder and Survey System User Guides.

Web Developer Solutions (Beta): This area is designed to help programmers quickly resolve development issues, including ASP.NET, Windows Forms, SQL, JavaScript and more.  No long-winded explanations or cryptic technical jargon and no reading through lengthy forum threads only to discover the issue was not resolved.  Just quick and to-the-point resolutions with working code samples for newbies and intermediate-level programmers alike!  Visit Web Developer Solutions (Beta) now to peruse the How To's, Tutorials as well as causes and solutions to .NET error messages.

Online Rich-Text to HTML Conversion Tool (Beta): Use this online utility to convert Rich-Text to HTML.  This is great for converting programming code from Visual Studio to HTML for posting code-snippets in your blog or in online forums.  Try out this free Online Rich-Text to HTML Conversion Tool now.  (This utility requires that you have .NET Framework v2.0 installed and that you use Internet Explorer for viewing.)

EasyProjects.NET Project Management Software EasyProject.NET Project Management Software
Designed to make project management hassle free and straightforward, EasyProjects.NET uses multi-nested projects and tasks, detailed statistics and reports, email notifications and alerts, issues and request-tracking, message board and other useful features so you can track and organize any type of project.
Added on 14 August 2008 | Category: Project Management System
ssCMS Content Management System ssCMS ASP.NET Content Management System
ssCMS stands for "SweetSuite.NET Content Management System". It is extremely easy to use. With the Surf.Click.Edit interface, a user can login, surf the site and manage their content inside the browser. If you are looking for a scalable CMS that will continue to grow with your business then ssCMS is right for you. Includes WYSIWYG editing, search engine, article scheduling and more.
Added on 14 August 2008 | Category: Content Management Systems

Steware Charts for Windows Forms Steware Charts for Windows Forms
Steware Chart .NET is a multi-purpose, fully managed Windows Form control, that helps developers add Charts to applications for slick visual representations of data. Steware Chart.NET includes an assortment of Chart types, including Line, Column, Area, Stock, Pie and Doughnut Charts - all designed for ease of use, customizability, and speed!
Added on 14 August 2008 | Category: Reporting and Charts
C-Sharp Code Editor Antechinus C# Code Editor
Design your Windows forms visually, add buttons, text boxes and other common objects and set their properties using the Visual Forms tool. Among the many features you'll find in this editor are: Fast text searching, unlimited undos/redos, a comprehensive tutorial, predefined and user defined templates, easy code-documentation, and more!
Added on 14 August 2008 | Category: Code Editor

How to Clear SQL Server Database Connections
Clear SQL Server database connections with a simple one-line statement.
Added on 25 Feb 2009 | Category: Microsoft SQL Server
Unable to start debugging on the web server. you do not have permissions to debug the web server process
Error when debugging a Visual Studio 2008 Web Application: Unable to start debugging on the web server. you do not have permissions to debug the web server process. You need to either be running as the same user account as the web server, or have administrator privilege.
Added on 13 Feb 2009 | Category: Visual Studio
The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).
The error was thrown while attempting to add an AJAX Extender, such as a Calendar extender, to a textbox.
Added on 3 Sep 2008 | Category: ASP.NET Web Applications
How to Import/Export Data in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
At first glance it may seem that SQL Server 2005 Express edition is missing one essential feature: DTS. However, it is there. Hidden as it may be.
Added on 21 Aug 2008 | Category: Microsoft SQL Server
Visual Studio 2008 System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
When opening a Web application solution in Visual Studio 2008, an error dialog pops up "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException" and the project does not load.
Added on 18 Aug 2008 | Category: Visual Studio
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