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Form Builder Wizard: Add a Page

  • If the form has multiple pages, the title entered will appear at the top of the current page. Page titles entered for single page forms will be ignored. However, The Page Title is required for all pages, even single-page forms for administrative purposes. If the multipage checkbox on in the General Info section above is not selected, the Page Info screen will not appear; instead, the page will automatically be given the title "Default Page" for administrative purposes.
  • The Form dropdownlist displays the selected form. Typically, it will not be necessary to select a different form, however it exists to provide an easy way to move pages to different forms should the need arise.
  • An instructions textarea allows the builder to add text to the top of the page (below the page title). Click the Switch to Rich Text Editor link to use the WYSIWYG editor to easily add HTML formatting such as Boldface text, tabular data and images.

Form Wizard - Add A Page

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