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Inter-Department Collaboration

While Super Admin users can manage all objects and submissions in the system, and Department Admins can manage all objects and submissions pertaining to their designated departments, from time to time they may also need to collaborate directly in the project; in other words, a Task Handler, for example, might need to redirect (forward or assign) a submission to these Super and Department Admin users' public or personal queues.

This can be achieved by creating Custom Roles and assigning them to the Super Admin or Department Admin users who will participate in the project and adding these roles to the form project itself. While the Super Admin is able to perform all tasks on all submissions (thus making it unnecessary to specify permissions for their custom roles in the form project), the form project's advanced options should specify permissions for the custom role assigned to Department Admins who belong to foreign Departments as these users don't inherently have rights to view any submissions outside of their own department.

To learn how to create custom roles, See Creating Custom Roles above. For assigning custom roles to users, see Manage Users above. To learn more about creating a workflow and managing permissions for custom roles, see Creating a Workflow.

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