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Shared Answer Groups

There are two methods of creating shared answer groups: from the Manage Answers screen or from within the Form Builder Wizard screens (while editing form pages).

Manage Answers

Select the Manage Answers link from the left menu.

Permissions are as follows:

  • Super Admin: May add, delete and modify any group from any department.

  • Department Admin: May view groups created in the user's own department and groups created by Super Admin users. May modify, add and delete only those groups within his/her own department.

  • Formulator: May view groups created in the user's own department and groups created by Super Admin users. May modify, add and delete only those groups which the user owns.

Form fields are explained below:

  • Department: This applies only to Super Admin users who must select the department to which the group being added or modified is assigned. All other users default to their own department.

  • Option Groups: Click on the Option Groups link to add a new option group. To modify an existing option group, simply select it from the list. When an option group is selected, the delete button appears. Deleting an option group permanently removes the group and all associated data which may include submission results.

    Delete with caution as the option group may be used by other form authors other than yourself!

  • Share Name: This is the intuitive name that is used to identify the group in the admin screens. To deactivate the share uncheck the Deactivate checkbox. When deactivated, the answer group is no longer available to be added to forms.

  • Group Owner: Super and Department Admin may select another user in the group's department.

  • Source Type: The options are either Database Table or Option Builder.

    Select Database Table to get options from an existing database on the same server. When selected, you will simply be asked to specify a data source. The Data Source is created using the Manage Sources link from the left menu.

    Select Option Builder to add each option manually. When selected, an add field and button are present, all existing options are presented in a table, and a CSV file upload field is also visible. To add an option simply enter it into the text field beside the Group Options label and click the Add button. From within the options table, the options can be reordered, disabled (or enabled) by using the check boxes, deleted (by clicking the Delete icon), or modified by clicking on the option to be edited. The option text link becomes an editable textbox. After making the modification, click on the save button (disk icon) to save it.

    If many options are to be added, it is sometimes more convenient to upload a CSV file with all the options rather than entering each one separately. Create the CSV file in either of the following ways:

    • In Notepad, enter each option separated by a line break.

    • In Excel enter each option in the first column of the worksheet. When saving the file, select "CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv)" from the Save As Type dropdown list.

    Click the Update button to upload the CSV file.


To create a shared answer group in the Wizard or Builder, select the option to add a response and click the Multiple Choice link.
In the next screen, click the link that reads Click here to create a new option group.
In the next screen specify a unique share name in the textbox provided. At this point you can choose to upload all your options (listed in a CSV file) or you can click, you will enter the same screen as described above in option builder (refer to above for more).
In the next scrren simply add all the options included in the group. Note that when an option group is shared, once you leave this screen you will no longer be able to modify it via the Wizard or Builder. If changes need to be made later on, you must use the Manage Answers admin screen as described above.
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