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Managing Custom Roles

Custom Roles enable form builders to create a more rigid workflow than that granted by the default functionality (using only System Roles.) Rather than allowing all admin users with the Task Handler role to view and manage form submissions, create custom roles and explicitly grant specific rights for each of the custom roles for each status. For example, if your form goes through two status phases (Opened and Closed), it may be that you want to grant "View" and "Allow Status Changes" permissions to Custom Role A, but only "View" permission to Custom Role B when it is opened; and no permissions to A, but "View" permissions to B when it is Closed. Once a Custom Role has been added to a form (see advanced options), Task Handlers who are not assigned the custom role may not view or manage its submissions.

Custom Roles also enable admin users to reassign the submission to another user in another department or another user with a higher ranking system role. See Inter-Department Collaboration below.

To assign a Custom Role to a user, that user must have the "Task Handler" role assigned to him or her. Only Department Admin and Super Admin users may create Custom Roles.

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