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Designing Templates

Templates, or "skins", are used to control the look and feel of the form, thus enabling the form builder to keep the form's visual design consistent with the website of which it is a part. To use a custom template (as opposed to the default one), first create it and then apply it to the form. To create a template, click on the Design Skins link from the left navigation menu.


Note that only Department Admin and Super Admin users may create or modify templates.

The screen's input fields are as follows:

Department: Super Admin users have the option of selecting the department while Department Admin automatically default to their own.

Skin: Select an existing skin to update. To add a new skin, select Add Skin. Click on the delete button (x) to permanently remove the selected skin. All forms currently using the selected skin will use the default template once the skin is deleted.

Name: Enter an intuitive name to identify the selected skin.

Stylesheet: Customize the classes, or "styles", to apply to different form elements. To accept the default stylesheet, leave this blank. To download the existing stylesheet (default if none was ever specified for this template), click the download icon. You can then make changes to the current stylesheet, save it, and upload it to apply changes. If a custom stylesheet was previously specified, but you now wish to use the default stylesheet, simply check the Use Default Stylesheet checkbox and resubmit the form.

Design Skin: You can either upload HTML that you have on your computer or network, or you can create a skin in the Rich Text HTML editor window. Either way there are two tags that you must include in the template to make it a valid skin:

  1. <addform>: place this at the location where the form (fields and button(s)) will appear.
  2. <addfooter>: place this in the location where you want the standard FormulatorNET footer to appear.

If either of these elements is missing, the template is not valid.

Note that changes take effect immediately.

Apply templates to forms using the General Info admin screen for each of the forms.

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