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Form Builder Overview

Formulator.NET is a web application designed to enable its users to build robust Web forms to collect data from users of an Internet or Intranet Web site. The forms can be as simple as a contact form to receive feedback from site users or as complex as a Ticketing System to allow users to open tickets with their problems. For the latter example, you can create a workflow with custom statuses to direct and keep track of who the issue must go to when the issue has a certain status. To illustrate this point, let's imagine that you have created a help desk ticket system.

  • Once you've created the Open Ticket form, you link to it from another webpage.
  • A user of your web site has a question or comment concerning your product, opens the ticket form, and submits it with the issue.
  • An email is sent to the default admin user or group of users, such as all Customer Support personnel.
  • The admin user logs into the Formulator.NET system, and sees all the most recent items in his or her queue.
  • The admin user reads the newly opened ticket, reviews it, and sets it to "in progress". However, this admin user does not have enough expertise on this issue to solve the problem and decides to reassign it to his supervisor, leaving a brief comment describing what needs to be done to close the ticket.
  • The next time the supervisor logs in, he notices the ticket in his personal queue, resolves the issue, and closes the ticket.
  • If, in the future, there are questions about how this issue was resolved, there is a history displaying all the hands the ticket went through along with all the status changes and comments left by admin users.

This is just one of many examples of the unlimited uses of Formulator.NET.

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