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Form Submission Workflow

Formulator.NET enables you to create as simple or complex a workflow as you require. Form submissions may be received, read and managed by all task handlers in the department to which the form belongs, all users within a certain role, or a single individual. It may be reassigned to any other user within the department or only to specific roles. Submissions may be considered as "action items", and may have different statuses. For instance, an employment application may first be "received", then be "reviewed", and finally "interviewed", "accepted", "on file", or "rejected". At different levels (statuses), only certain individuals may be required to deal with the submission. For instance, in the preceding example, when the submission is first received, it may go to Human Resources, and then once reviewed it may be passed on to a Department Interviewer, and so on.

By default, the default status set is applied to all forms, and Task Handlers can view and manage all submissions (regardless of the status). But the form enters only the form owner's queue. To change this default behavior, use Custom Status Sets and Custom Roles.

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