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General Settings

Specify the action(s) to take when users submit the form:

  • Save Submissions: This is required to keep on online record and to utilize all of Formulator.NET's capabilities such as workflow management, search functionality and management. (Recommended.)
  • Send Submissions: An email will be sent to the form owner with the results (excluding uploaded files).
  • Send Autoresponse: Check this box to send an email to the form submitter. An email will be sent only if the following conditions are met: One email control was added to the form and was specified as "Recipient Email Address", and an autoresponse email has been created.

All forms must specify a status set. To use the default status set, select "Standard". The Standard status set only has two statuses, "New" and "Read", similar to email inboxes. If you will create an advanced workflow, including users with certain roles in your project, and limit their permissions, you must select a custom status set. See Creating Status Sets to learn more.) To ensure that statuses are only changed by users unilaterally (i.e., only in the order in which they are listed), select "Yes" under Unilateral Status Changes.

If other users should receive the submissions instead of the Form Owner, select the role. To specify a single individual to receive the submissions, select the user from the dropdownlist. If other roles and/or users are selected, the submissions will not enter the Owner's Personal Queue. If only a role is specified (without specifying a user), all users having that role will receive submissions in their Public Queue, whereas if the user is specified, only that user will receive submissions in his or her Personal Queue. Note that only roles and users within the same department as the Form Owner may be selected as the default recipient.

General Settings
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