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Getting Started with the Form Builder Wizard

Best Practices

The ability to create forms is available to users with the Super Admin, Department Admin or Formulator roles.

It is highly recommended that the first time you create a form you use the Wizard. The Wizard is the best way to quickly familiarize oneself with the main tools and features at one's disposal for easily building forms with Formulator.NET.

The Wizard, however, is forward-only, which means that it is not possible to return to previous pages, sections or questions to revise these objects once created. Nevertheless, once the form has initially been set up, all of these objects are easily modified using the Form Builder. Even the most expert users will find it most convenient to use the Form Wizard to build the bulk of the form, and return to the form builder to make revisions and tweak it still further to suit one's specific needs.

Note that Skins (or templates) which determine the look and feel of a form are not created in the Wizard.

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