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Managing Departments

This feature only applies to the Super Admin role.

  1. Log in as Super Admin and click on Departments in the admin menu.Add Department
  2. Select Add Department from the Departments dropdownlist.Department Added
  3. Enter the Department Name and provide an intuitive Folder Name consisting of only alphanumeric characters. All files related to department forms will be stored in this directory and will be accessed by a URL such as
  4. Click the Add button. A message confirms that you have created the department, and now you can edit it or create Custom Roles.
  5. To create a Custom Role simply provide a unique name for it, and click the Add button next to the Add Role textbox. (If you haven't made any other changes it is not necessary to click the Update button).Add Role
  6. To disable the department, simply uncheck the Enabled checkbox. The change takes effect immediately and all users of the department will be locked out of the system and all forms created by the department's users will be disabled as well.

Note that while it is possible to rename the default department ([Default]) and change it's directory name, it is not possible to delete it as it is the only department to which Super Admin users can be assigned.

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