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Managing Departments and Admin Users

Departments and Administrative Functions

All admin users must be assigned to Departments. Super Admin users, who have full control of all features and all departments are, in fact, the only users who may create departments. All Super Admin users belong to the [Default] department, and conversely, all admin users assigned to the [Default] department are automatically Super Admin users. Since the [Default] department to which Super Admin users belong, this is the only department that may not be deleted. The name, however, may be changed and additional Custom Roles may be created for the [Default] department.

Each department has its own directory in which all the files pertaining to forms created by the department's admin users are stored. This directory helps to create an intuitive URL for the forms. For instance, if the department is Human Resources, a typical URL might look like,

In addition to the [Default] Department's Super Admin Role, there are three other roles that may apply to users of other departments: Department Admin, Formulator and Task Handlers. When these roles are combined, the least restrictive rights apply. See the next section, System Roles Permissions, to become familiar with each of the roles' special functions.

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