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Managing Admin Users

This feature only applies to Super Admin and Department Admin users.

  1. Log in and click on User Accounts in the admin menu. (Super Admin users may select a department, whereas Department Admin only have access to their own.)
  2. Either search for a user and click the user's name to view or edit, or Select the Add User link (to the right of the search button) to add a new user.
    User Grid
  3. A first and last name are required. When logged in as a Super Admin, the department is editable, otherwise the department is defaulted to the Department Admin user's department. Provide a unique username and the user's email address.
    Add User
  4. Optionally, you can set a temporary password for the user by clicking the Set Password link. However, the user will be required to change it the next time he or she logs into the admin system. Change Password
  5. If adding a user to the [Default] department, that user automatically becomes a Super Admin user. The user may also be assigned other Custom Roles if he or she needs to collaborate with other departments' in their form projects. The user must be given the Task Handler role before custom roles can be assigned.
  6. When adding users to other departments aside from [Default], the user may be assigned the roles of Department Admin, Formulator, or Task Handler. When Task Handler is selected, all custom roles that have been created for the department will appear, and the user may be assigned any or all of those roles as well.
  7. Click the Add button to add the user to the database and return to the updated list of users and search form.
  8. Other actions that may be performed in the users list are Delete and Enable/Disable. When user accounts are disabled, those users may not log into the system, however, their forms remain active. When deleting an account, the person deleting the account becomes the owner of all of the objects that the deleted user owned. If those objects should be deleted as well, you can do so seperately.

Note that no user may disable or delete one's own account or remove one's own Department Admin or Super Admin roles.

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