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Project Participants

By default, all Task Handlers can search and modify all submissions within their own department while no user (except for Super Admin) may even view submissions received in other departments. To change this default functionality (i.e., to involve users from other departments or to limit access to task handlers within one's own department), add at least one project participant to the form. Project Participants can be any Custom Role created in any department. This allows you to limit access to only those listed (if given permissions (see role permissions below). It is possible to select roles from other departments (thus involving them in the project if given adequate permissions). Simply select the department and role and click the add button. Once you have selected all the partipating roles, you can reorder them by clicking on the up and down arrows. The order is important if you want to enforce the workflow so that certain users may only reassign work to users with lower ranking (see the next section).

Project Participants
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