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Response Modification

Question response settings can be modified by clicking Edit Response from the response's popup menu in Page View. (See Wizard Help: Question Response Information.)

WARNING: You should never change (modify or delete) option responses (with multiple choice controls such as dropdownlists and radiobuttons) once you start receiving submissions as such modifications may cause errors when viewing submission results, and may alter the users' responses on record. Nevertheless, the system does allow such modifications.

To modify options, enter edit mode by selecting the Edit Response link in the response's popup menu. In edit mode, click on the Options button.

Edit Response

Note that a text response may be changed to certain control types depending on what the original control type was. For example, if textarea was originally assigned, then the only other control it may be changed to is a Rich Text Editor. The reason for this is that Text Area and Rich Text Editor controls are for long text, while the others are designed for short text answers.

NOTE: It is important to stress that while the options are available to modify responses, in order to ensure that the form functions properly, that the reports remain accurate, and that you maintain data integrity, responses should not be modified once the form is made live and starts receiving submissions.

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