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Role Permissions

Role Permissions are only granted if a status set other than the default "Standard" is selected and if at least one custom role has been added to Project Participants (see above).

For each status, set permissions on each of the Project Participants. If you have many roles or statuses, you can use the checkbox at the the upper-left hand corner of each of the permissions tables to grant full access to all Project Participants or select the first checkbox on each row to grant full permissions to selected roles for each status.

  • View Data: This grants the user permission to view submissions that are currently given the status noted at the top of the table; even if it is not in their queue it will appear in results when searching submissions. This also allows the user to add comments. For any of the other permissions to take effect, View Data must be selected. (In fact, it is automatically selected if any of the other permissions is selected in any given row. Note also, that any user who can view data may reassign submissions to other users or groups of users (roles) if the item is currently in the user's personal or public queue.
  • Edit Data: This allows the user to edit the submission data itself. For example, if a submitter notices in their autoresponse email that he made a typographical error, a user with Edit permissions on the current status may fix the text.
  • Change Status: This allows the user to change the status. If unilateral status changes is enforced (See General Settings above), The status can only be changed to lower ranking statuses. (See Creating Status sets.) Note that if the user changes the status to a status for which he or she does not have permission to view submissions, the user is required to reassign the work to another user who does have said permission.
  • Delete Data: This allows the user to permanently remove the submission from the database (including any uploaded files). Such actions are irreversable.
  • Enforce Flow: This is a restriction, not a permission. When Enforce Flow is selected, the user is able to reassign work only to users ranked equal or below him or her per the order specified in Project Participants
Role Permissions
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