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Shared Answer Groups

Many option groups (that populate select controls such as dropdownlists and radiobuttonlists) may be common to more than one question. For example, Countries is a common response group from which the users can select their country of residence for instance. Rather than requiring the form author to enter each country each time he or she requires such a answer group, the group may be given a share name, thus making it available for use by all other users in the department. However, in the case above, Countries, should be available to all users across all departments. The way to share an answer group with all departments is to have a Super Admin create the share. All shared answer groups created by Super Admin users are available to all departments; while, all shared answer groups created by Department Admin and Formulator users are available to all users within their assigned department only.

When creating answser groups, it is strongly recommended that the form author consider who will need to use the group. It should also be considered whether or not other departments might find the group useful. If so, Department Admin and Formulator users should have a Super Admin user create the group in order to avoid duplicating groups in different departments.

All groups that are not unique to only one form should be shared. There are two methods to creating a share. See Create a Share for more info.

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