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Status Sets

Default Status Set

All forms have a status set. If not specified, the form will the default status set consisting of just two statuses: "Received" and "Read". This is similar to e-mail inboxes. The submission status for forms using the default status set may not be changed manually. Instead, the status is automatically changed once: to wit, when the submission is first opened (i.e., read) by an assigned admin user.

Custom Status Sets

Select the Status Sets link from the left menu.

The form fields on this admin screen are explained below:

  • Department: This applies only to Super Admin users who must select the department to which the status set being added or modified is assigned. All other users default to their own department.

  • Status Group: Select "Add Group" from the Status Group dropdownlist to add a new status set. To modify an existing status set, simply select it from the list. When an status set is selected, the delete button appears. Deleting a status set permanently removes the set and all associated data which may include submission history details.

  • Group Name: This is the intuitive name that is used to identify the status set in the admin screens.

  • Add Status: Once created, add statuses to the set by entering a name in this textbox and clicking the Add button. The statuses then appear in a grid. From within the statuses table, the statuses can be reordered (by clicking the up and down buttons), deleted (by clicking the Delete icon), or modified by clicking on the status to be edited. The status text link becomes an editable textbox. After making the modification, click on the save button (disk icon) to save it. Order the statuses in the same order in which submissions pass through. This is especially important for statuses used in forms that Enforce Unilateral Status Changes. (See Advanced Options > General Settings)
Form Statuses
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