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Managing System Roles

As noted in the previous section, the Super Admin role applies to [Default] department admin users only, while the other three system roles (Task Handler, Formulator, and Department Admin) may apply to other department users. The permissions for these roles are as follows (listed from most restrictive to least restrictive):

Task Handler: May search and view all submissions recieved for forms within the user's department. By default, this user may also edit and delete the submission, change its status and reassign it to a specific user or group of users. If a form has specified Custom Roles that may participate in the form project, however, the Task Handlers who are not also assigned those specified Custom Roles will no longer be able to view or manage submissions for that form. In order, to assign a Custom Roles to a user, "Task Handler" must first be assigned to the user, at which time other Custom Roles may be assigned. (I.e., Custom Roles can only be applied to users who are given the "Task Handler" role.)

Formulator: This role enables the user to create forms and manage his or her own forms. This user may also able to view, edit and delete submissions received for the form(s) he or she owns and may reassign or change the status of such submissions. A combination of of Task Handler and Formulator roles may be applied to users in order to give them the ability to create forms as well as the rights to view and manage submissions that they don't own themselves.

Department Admin: The department admin is able to manage all forms and form submissions within the user's department, manage other department admin users, create Custom Roles, manage form templates, and manage Answer option sources (Answer Options for populating controls such as dropdownlists derived from external database tables).

Super Admin: Full control of the system. In addition to having the combined rights of all department admins in all departments, this user is able to create departments.

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