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Analyzer Reports

Much of what needs to be said regarding the generated reports was already mentioned above in the previous sections (Filters and Presentation). A few additional notes follow.

To generate a quick visual representation of the results simply check the two Presentation options "Section Averages" and "Question Averages" and click the Get Report link. The generated report will look similar to the following screenshot.

Survey Averages

It is worth noting the following points:

  • Although the "Customer Support" survey consists of three sections, only two are shown in the report. This is because the third section "Email Promotions" contains no questions with answer options that have a numeric value; hence, averaging could not be performed on that section.
  • Similarly, although the section "In-Store Service" contains five questions in all, only three are displayed in the report because the other two questions do not gather results that are used for averaging.
  • If a section is currently deactivated (in the Survey Builder), those sections will still be included in the report. However, if a section is deactivated, its name will be displayed in red wherever it appears in the report (i.e., in the Summary section and the legend for its fieldset).
  • To return to the Filters form to modify criteria, click on the Back to filters link.

One-by-oneAlso, remember to click the One-by-one option in the Presentation section of Analyzer in order to view individual submission responses for each of the results that satisfy the criteria selected in the filters. The report will include a dropdown menu and links at the bottom of the report to navigate to other submission results in the result group.

The One-by-One feature is best for smaller result sets as all results will be added to the dropdownlist.

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