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Each user belongs to a single Department. Only Master Admin users can create or modify departments. While it is possible to rename the [Default] department, it may not be deleted. If you or your organization do not require separate departments, all users may be assigned to the [Default] department.

Users may belong to only one department and may only manage surveys and associated data for their respective department. Only Master Admin accounts have rights to manage surveys and users for all departments. As such, while a Master Admin navigates around the admin tool, he is presented with an additional Department dropdownlist by which he may select other departments to manage. Other users (who are not Master Admins) are not presented with this option.

Note: Most of the screenshots presented throughout this User Manual do not display the aforementioned departments dropdownlist since for most users who have more limited roles this option will not be available.

While you may have the need for more than one department, you will likely still want certain assets (such as Answer groups, Sources, Designs and Images) to be shared by all. For example, "yes/no" answer groups should be shared for all survey builders to use regardless of the department they are assigned to, as this is a common answer group. In order to share assets among all departments, simply create the asset within the [Default] department. While other departments will not be able to make modifications to those assets, they can use all assets created within the [Default] department within their surveys.

Important: All assets created for the [Default] department are shared with all other departments. Thus, if you have multiple departments, the [Default] department should only be reserved for creating common resources and managing departments.

To create a new department, log in under a Master Admin account. Click the Department Manager link on the Manage tab. Select Add Department from the Departments dropdownlist. Enter a unique name for the department, select an Index Layout – "Default Design (Index)" if no others have been created – and click the Add Department button. The screen will refresh with your new department selected in the dropdownlist and will enter update mode.

When a department is disabled, users assigned to that department are unable to log into the admin tool and surveys created by those users will be deactivated.

The Index Layout is the design which will be applied to the department’s survey index page (which lists all available survey collections within that department).

When a department is deleted, the department’s users are also deleted. However, the other assets (Survey Groups, Answer Groups, etc.) are not deleted. Instead, the user deleting the department takes ownership of these assets. Therefore, if you want to delete the departments as well, you should delete the assets prior to deleting the department.

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