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Once surveys and e-mail groups have been created, sending e-mail invitations and reminders is a simple process. To begin, sign in as a Publisher or Department Admin and click Emailer in the Invite tab's panel. Initially, you will be presented with a single dropdownlist from which you must choose a Survey Collection.


EmailerOnce the survey collection is selected, the form on the right appears. Before performing any of the tasks listed (Compose Mail, Invitation List, or Send Email) at least one Email Group must be checked. Only selected Email Groups will be sent emails. Furthermore, the Surveys dropdownlist only appears if at least one e-mail group is check for the survey collection. By default, checked email groups will be sent invitations/reminders for all surveys in a collection. Once you have included at least one e-mail group, you can then exclude e-mail groups from taking certain surveys in the collection.

EmailerTo exclude a group for a particular survey, select the survey from the Surveys dropdownlist. Uncheck the group you want to exclude and click the Update Invitation Groups button.

To return to the Survey Collections e-mail group form, click on the Details icon .

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