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Admin Form Navigation

Before proceeding to develop surveys, you should understand the special form navigation used particularly in the Survey Builder, and to a lesser extent on the other admin screens.

Survey FormThe form has a unique design that facilitates navigation from one level to another without leaving the page. The advantages of this form design will soon become apparent. The form is based on the hierarchy described earlier. When Survey Builder is selected from the menu, the administrator is presented with the survey collection form where he can either add a new Survey Collection or select an existing one to view or edit its details.

Included in the details is a dropdown list of all Surveys it contains. If one of the surveys is selected from the dropdownlist, the administrator will view the selected survey’s details for editing (seen in the screenshot above).

The boldface link captions at the top of the form serve as vertical breadcrumbs (i.e., "Survey Collections > Surveys"), suggesting that the Surveys form is currently selected. The boldface link caption at the bottom of the form suggests the next level down, i.e., Survey’s child form is Sections. From here, the administrator can do any of the following:

  • drill down still further to edit existing sections in the survey , or
  • add new sections for the selected survey (*Sections:), or
  • reorder the survey sections using the promote/demote buttons , or
  • activate or deactivate the selected survey or any of the survey sections , or
  • update the selected survey details , or
  • preview the selected survey, the selected image, or the selected survey collection , or
  • delete the selected survey , or
  • copy the selected survey’s structure to build a new survey , or
  • purge test data for the selected survey , or
  • return to the selected survey collection’s details , or
  • select a different survey to view or edit from the Surveys dropdown list, or
  • select a different survey collection to view or edit from the Survey Collections dropdown list, or
  • select "Add Survey" from the Surveys dropdown list to create a new survey, or
  • select "Add Collection" from the Survey Collections dropdown list to create a new collection.

In other words, on whichever form you find yourself within the Survey Builder screen, you can easily navigate to almost any other form to carry out the action you wish to perform. It is, however, imperative you understand the symbols and icons presented in the bulleted list above. Note that if you navigate downward to Section details or upward to the parent Survey Collection without clicking on the Update button, any changes you made to the Survey details will not be committed.

Navigating to the lowest level in the hierarchy, the Answer Options form, you are presented with the following screen:

Answer Options

In this screen, we are currently viewing the details of the "Quality – Dropdownlist" Answer Option Group assigned to question number 1 of the "Product Quality" section of the "Product Satisfaction" survey of the "Customer Satisfaction" survey collection. This screenshot demonstrates again, how we can easily navigate back to any level to add to, edit or preview any of the higher levels.

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