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Manage Images

Logo applied to surveySurvey authors may want to add an image (the company logo, for instance) to a survey. Once assigned to a survey, the image will appear on the survey below and to the right of the title (or to the right of the instructions if instructions exist for the survey), as the screenshot on the right demonstrates.

To make an image available, upload images on the Logo Manager screen. You will find this link on the Design tab’s panel.

This form is only available to Department Admin users and Survey Publishers (roles with sufficient rights to manage images within their own department).

The admin URL to the Logo Manager is:

To add an image, select "Add Image" from the Images dropdown list, provide a descriptive name for this image in the Image Name text box, specify the file path in the Image File textbox, and click the Add Image button.

Logo Manager

You will notice that the new image’s name appears selected in the Images dropdown list, and the button changes to "Update Image". Also, in this mode (edit mode) two additional buttons appear: Delete and Preview (icon buttons). Clicking the preview button (magnifying lens) will display the image within the form; clicking it a second time will hide the image.

Logos FormAt a later time, if you wish to update the image, simply select the image name from the Images dropdown list, select a new file to replace the existing one with, and click Update Image.

Note that if you upload an image that is larger than 300 pixels in width and/or 200 pixels in height, the file will be resized to the maximum allowable height and/or width.

Also note that you are able to delete images even when an image is associated with a survey. Deleting an associated image, will also delete the association. It is advisable to verify that the logo is not in use, before deleting an image.

Now that you have added images to the system, the images may be associated with surveys. This is done simply by selecting the descriptive image name in the Surveys details form in the Survey Builder screen which will be discussed later at greater length

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