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After logging into the survey administration tool, you are redirected to the Analyzer page. From here, you can easily navigate to any other admin page to which you have access (based on your role) by using the navigation tabs, shown below:
Naviation Tabs
Some things to note about the navigation tabs follow:
  • Depending on your roles you may or may not see all of the above tabs, or they may be named differently. For example, a user who only has the "Author" role, will see a tab labeled "Secure" in place of the "Manage" tab, and instead of managing all users, the author may only update his own password there.
  • Each tab may have multiple sub-links. On the "Manage" tab visible above, there are two sub-links: Account Manager and Department Manager. Since the user is currently visiting the Department Manager page, the link is readonly and the star icon indicates which page is currently active.
  • Each sub-link has a corresponding short description.
  • View sub-links and navigate to a page on a different tab from the active one simply by moving your mouse pointer over the tab. In other words, you do not need to click on the other tabs to view its sub-links.
  • To log out of the system, click on "Logout" in the lower-right of the header (above the tabs).
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