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Pie Chart Reports

To get a feel for all features that are available in the pie chart reports, select Section for the Display setting and click the Get Report button, By doing so, a report will be generated with multiple questions per page, and as many page as there sections in the survey.

Chart NavigationThe snapshot to the right is of the bottom portion of the second page (second Section) of the Customer Support survey. Note that the full page contains five pie charts (not just two).

At the bottom of the page there are two links: Previous and Next. Since this is the second section, Previous takes the user back to the first section, and Next takes the user to the third section. The Previous link is disabled on the first page, and the Next link is disabled on the last.

To move the Legend above the chart (rather than to the right of it), click on the swap icon in the legend's header.

Clicking on the various options within the Legend will either display or hide the option text label on the pie depending on the label's current state. Similarly, clicking on the percentages with the legend will either display or hide the percentage label on the pie slice corresponding to the clicked item.

Change ColorTo reveal or hide all labels or all percentages, display the pie chart toolbar by clicking the Tools icon then check or uncheck Percents or Labels as desired.

Before discussing the other settings available via the toolbar, note that slice colors can be selected simply by clicking the color square relating to the slice you want to modify. Clicking the color square opens the color picker, where you can choose from 100 colors. Also note that you can displace a pie slice simply by checking its corresponding checkbox in the legend.

Returning to the toolbar, notice the Rotate icon . Clicking this icon spins the pie 10° clockwise. To show or hide the legend, simply check or uncheck the Legend checkbox. To Resize the pie, select Small, Medium or Large from the first dropdownlist. Small is 300x198 pixels, Medium is 450x300 pixels, and Large is 600x395 pixels.

Finally, you can limit the label text length for all slices by selecting a value from the Truncate dropdownlist. Like some other settings, this option is provided to avoid overlapping of label text for pies with many thin slices or pies with long responses whose text may exceed the width of the slice or even exceed the size of the graphic. It is possible to truncate text to 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 characters in length. Text that exceeds the specified length will appear in truncated form followed by ellipses (…).

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