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Pie Charts

Pie Charts offer a visual representation of data collected by E-Data Collection Survey Engine. The Pie Chart tool gives you a great deal of control over how the charts are displayed, whether you want to resize the chart, show labels on the pie slices, rotate the pie, or displace a slice for emphasis.

Sample Pie ChartThe chart to the right is an example of a customized pie chart. We decided to show only one label (Always), while displaying only percentages on all other slices. For emphasis, "Always" has been displaced (disconnected from the rest of the pie), which was rotated a few degrees in order to show more clearly where the slice was split. Clicking on any of the option names in the Legend will show or hide the label on its corresponding slice.

Use the following URL to access the Pie Chart tool while logged into the Admin Tool:

You can also access this tool, by clicking the Pie Charts link on the Analyze tab.

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