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Printing Reports

Internet Explorer SettingsThe following applies to Pie Chart reports as well as Analyzer:

Click the Printer Friendly link above and to the right of the survey title to get a printer friendly rendering of the report. Page elements such as headers, navigation and sidebars are removed and the Printer Friendly link changes to read "Web Friendly". Click Web Friendly to return to the previous view with navigation bars.

Note that depending on your browser preferences, you may need to specify that you want to print backgrounds. For example, if you use Internet Explorer 7, and you want to print backgrounds, you must ensure that you have specified same in your browser's Internet Options.

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Printing section > Print Background Colors and Images


Again, it should be reiterated that regardless of the combination of Presentation options you select, if a section or question does not have results to display, it will be skipped and will not be displayed in the report.

As a final note, deactivated questions (that are deactivated in the Survey Builder form), will displayed in red in the reports. The results, if there be any, will still be shown. The red color is used simply to signify that these questions and answer groups are no longer available on the survey form for new survey takers.

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