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Progress Indicators

Progress Indicators enable the end-user to get a sense of how much of a multi-page survey has already been completed and how much is still to come. Each bar in the progress indicator represents a single page, and the different colors suggest whether the respective bar indicates a completed page, the current page or a page that remains to be completed. The following screen capture demonstrates that the survey taker is currently on the second of three pages:

Sample Progress Bar

There are also subtle gray labels specifying the percentage completed and the page numbers and total page count. Depending on your preference, you can hide or show any label or the bar itself. Thus if you only want page numbering without the percentage and without the bars, you can set that preference on the Progress Indicator admin screen.

Progress Step BackOne of the advantages, however, of including a progress bar is that it gives your users the chance to return to previous pages without having to repeatedly click the back button. Also, by mousing over any of the bars, the survey taker can read the section title for that step.

Create a new progress indicator by selecting Add Indicator from the Indicators dropdownlist and specifying a unique name for it. Check each of the features that you want to include in your progress indicator. If you uncheck Progress Bar, Bar Size, Step Colors and Hexadecimal preferences will be hidden from view, as these preferences only relate to Progress Bars.

Progress Bar Color Picker

Check Page Count if you want to include page numbering (e.g., "Page 2 of 3").

Check Percent Completed if you want to include the percent of the survey that will be completed once the current page is completed.

If either Page Count or Percent Completed is checked and the Progress Bar is also checked, the text will appear above the bar.

If Progress Bar is checked, you can specify its height, in pixels, and its width, in either pixels or percentage as it relates to the available page width.

If Page Count is checked, but Percent Completed is not, page numbers will appear without parentheses; but if both are checked, page numbering will appear within parentheses.

You can also specify colors for individual step types: completed step, current step, or incomplete step. You can choose the color from the color picker by clicking on the step’s bar, or you can specify the specific hexadecimal code in the space beneath the bars.

After specifying your preferences, click the button to either add or update the progress indicator.

Once added to the system, the indicator will appear in a dropdownlist in the Survey Builder to select and apply to surveys. If the survey does not implement paging, however, the preference will be ignored, and no progress bar will appear in the survey. (Implementation of paging will be discussed in the section on the Survey Builder admin screen.)

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