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Survey Question Question: Enter the text of the question as you want it to appear on the survey within the selected section.

DisableDeactivate: A deactivated (unchecked) question will not appear in the section on the survey form. If the survey was submitted while the question was active, the results will still appear in the generated reports though the question no longer appears in surveys currently viewed and submitted by survey takers.

DeleteDelete: When a question is deleted, all submission results pertaining to that question are also deleted. (See the warning in Survey Collections above). Note also that only Survey Publishers and Department Admin users have permission to delete a question.

Survey QuestionFilter Alias: When generating reports in the Analyzer, the survey collection and survey must be selected (as seen in the screenshot to the right). In addition to this, though, the Survey Builder allows you to define additional criteria for narrowing the results in the Analyzer based on user input. For instance, if you have a question on the survey asking what store location the survey taker usually shops at, the survey administrator may specify "Location" as a filter to display results for a specific location. This is done in the Survey Builder at the question level. In order to make the filter appear in the report filters form (from which reports are generated), simply provide an alias for the filter in the Filter Alias field. If the question uses an appropriate answer option group assigned to it which allows filtering, the filter will appear on the filters form with the alias as its filter label. The two types of answer option groups that can be used as filters are: (1) options from external sources, and (2) options created with option builder. In other words, results cannot be filtered on text input fields.

Show Numbers: When "True" is selected, the question will be numbered. "True" is the default. (This option is not available for questions in sections that implement answer matrices.)

Allow Comments: When "True" is selected, an optional comments box will appear under the question. The comments box is not a required field when present on the survey form. By default, "False" is selected. (This option is not available for questions in sections that implement answer matrices.)

Positioning: Answer options can be positioned either on the same line as (and to the right of) the question or on a new line (flushed left). "Same Line" is the default. (This option is not available for questions in sections that implement answer matrices.)

Answer Options: If option groups have already been assigned to the selected question, they appear in a table. To deactivate an answer option group, uncheck the corresponding checkbox. To activate an answer option group, check the corresponding checkbox. It is unnecessary to click the Update button when activating or deactivating answer option groups in the table as long other changes haven't been made to the Question form. To drill down to the Answer Options form, and contract the Questions form do one of the following: If you want to edit an answer option group, click the edit icon (pencil) beside the answer option group you want to edit; or, to add a new answer option group, click the Answer Options caption link. Note that if no answer option groups have yet been created for the selected section, your only option is the latter. (The answer option feature is not available for questions in sections that implement answer matrices.)

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