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Recommended Process for Building Surveys with E-Data Collection

The Build tab contains the core tasks for building surveys, and thus survey builders will no doubt find that most of their tasks will be performed using this panel:

Administrators, publishers and authors may create survey collections, surveys, sections, questions, and answer groups.

When building a survey, the author must select a design to apply to the survey and can optionally select progress indicators and/or a logo to appear at the top of the form. Furthermore, after adding a question, the author adds input fields, oftentimes consisting of common answer options such as “Yes/No”. It is therefore advisable to have the Designs and the Answer Groups in the database prior to beginning the survey authoring process.

Thus, administrators would do well to create the answer groups, upload the necessary images, and set up designs and progress indicators prior to creating the surveys. This will enable authors to create the surveys without having to navigate back and forth between the Survey Builder and other screens like the Manage Sources and Manage Images screen. In other words, you cannot, for example, add a response option group to a question if that option group does not yet exist, or add an image to a survey when the image does not yet exist; which is why it is recommended that designs and images be uploaded and options defined prior to creating surveys.

The logo, progress indicator and design managers are found on the Design tab:

Note that the Design tab and the Source Manager link on the Build tab are not available to Survey Authors. Thus, it is advisable for the Department or Master Admins to create these resources before beginning to allow those users to author surveys.

Once images, progress indicators, page layouts, external sources, and answer group options have been created, the author will spend most of his time authoring surveys using the Survey Builder form.

Survey Authors do not have access to the Source Manager. They only have the first two menu options: Survey Builder and Option Manager. Only Department Admins and Survey Publishers can manage images and sources as modification of these items can potentially affect many surveys. Therefore, before an author begins to create his or her own surveys, a Publisher or Department Admin user should set up common resources that might be useful to authors as they create their surveys.

To recap: the recommended process is as follows: Designs and Images > Sources > Answer groups > Surveys

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