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Send Email

Begin EmailerClick the Send Email button in the Tasks toolbar to validate and send e-mails.

Select an Email Type from the dropdownlist (either Invitation or Reminder). When Invitation is selected, the Validate Email button appears. However, when Reminder is selected, you are asked to specify a few details before validating the e-mail.

Validate EmailWhile invitations are sent to all active members of selected e-mail groups who were never contacted regarding the selected survey collection, reminders may be sent to e-mail group members who have been invited but have not yet been reminded and/or those members who have already been reminded. Check the status(es) for which you want to send reminders and the minimum number of days that should have elapsed since the last time individuals having those statuses were contacted.

Validated EmailClick the Validate Email button to go to the confirmation screen.

The system will determine whether all criteria has been satisfied before sending e-mails. As demonstrated by the screenshot on the right, the requirements are that the (1) Survey Collection is Live, (2) the survey collection must contain at least one "Live" survey,(3) e-mail must have been composed for the selected type, and (4) at least one e-mail recipient must be specified. As long as an email was composed for the selected Email Type you can send a test e-mail by entering the e-mail address in the To textbox and clicking the Send button. If an e-mail has not yet been created, this option is disabled.

If the e-mail does not pass all tests, you may not send e-mails. However, you can still view all the e-mail addresses which will receive the e-mail once the criteria is met and the Send to All button is clicked.

Send DisabledTo view the groups which individual members are assigned to, click the member's e-mail address. A message box will appear with a list of groups which the member is assigned to.

The application determines who can receive e-mails based on the e-mail type specified and the groups that have been associated with the surveys collections on child surveys.

When the e-mail satisfies all the criteria, and you are ready to send e-mails, simply click the Send To All button and click OK on the confirmation alert.

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