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Survey Builder

Assuming you have read the foregoing sections, you are now familiar with the form navigation and with what each icon indicates. Therefore, we will now focus on the Survey Builder screen and what each field represents rather than focus on form navigation.

Access this screen by clicking on the Survey Builder link on the Builder tab’s panel. Alternatively, once you have logged in, the URL is:

In the previous section (Option Manager), you saw how the Option Groups form contracted when the next level, Group Options, was selected, and you then navigated back to Option Groups. The same concept applies to Survey Builder; the only difference being that while Option Manager consisted of only two levels – or two forms – Option Groups and Group Options, Survey Builder consists of five.

The screenshot to the below displays the lowest level form, Answer Options, but at the same time all preceding levels (and forms) can be accessed either to edit or add new items. It is worth repeating here, however, that you must remember to save the changes you made at the current level (by clicking the Update button) before returning to another level (or form).

Survey Subforms

The five levels, from highest to lowest, are as follows: Survey Collections, Surveys, Sections, Questions, and Answer Options.

As mentioned, the remainder of this section will focus on the input fields and options available to each level, and the effect they have on surveys and reports. Furthermore, we will look at the sample surveys included in the database as an example.

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