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Survey Collections

Survey CollectionsSurvey Collections: Select a survey collection from the dropdownlist, or select "Add Collection" to create a new one. (You may also click on the Survey Collections caption to add a new collection.)

*Preview: When the preview icon is clicked, a new browser window opens with a message asking you to select a survey. If there is only one survey associated with this collection, it will automatically load the survey. If there are no surveys associated with the collection, a message will inform you there are no available surveys in the collection.

Note that when a logged in administrator (Department Admin, Publisher or Author) previews surveys, he is viewing the survey and the entire survey collection as if the collection and all surveys associated with it were published.

A survey must meet the following criteria to be published:

  1. It's collection must be "Activated" (The collection's activation checkbox is checked.)
  2. The survey itself must be "Activated" (The survey's activation checkbox is checked.)
  3. The survey has either no dates specified in its Active Date range or the current date is within the specified Active Date range. (See the "Survey" section below.)

Survey collections and surveys that are not published, may only be viewed by logged in administrators. When an administer is logged in, previews the survey, and submits it, the responses he supplies are considered test data and will not be mixed in with real data supplied by anonymous users.

Name: This is the title of the Survey Collection. It appears at the top of the survey and also in the Survey Index, which lists all active surveys. (If, however, there is only one active survey in the collection, when the survey is loaded the Survey Collection Name will be ignored, and only the Survey Name will appear as the title.

Deactivate: If a collection is deactivated (the checkbox is unchecked) it is not published, and none of its child surveys are published. A deactivated (unchecked) survey collection will not appear in the Survey Index, and when someone attempts to access the survey collection or one of its child surveys, he will encounter an error message stating that the requested surveys are not available. Reports, however, can still be generated on surveys that have been deactivated or whose survey collection has been deactivated. In fact, any item, whether it's a survey, section, or question, which is deactivated, will still appear in generated reports; however when an item is deleted, that item and all child items (including submission responses) are permanently removed from the database. Note also that only Survey Publishers and Department Admin users may deactivate a collection.

Delete: When a Survey Collection is deleted, all its child surveys, sections, questions and submission results are also permanently deleted as well. Note also that only Survey Publishers and Department Admin users may delete a collection.

Warning: It is important to note the delete function is included (here and elsewhere) in order to facilitate deletions of outdated collections which will never be accessed again; however, utmost care should be taken when deleting anything!

Group Owner: You will notice that the Group Owner is listed in a dropdown list. If, however, you only have Survey Author rights, the Group Owner is readonly.

When a Survey Collection is created, the Group Owner is, by default, the creator. Survey Publishers and Department Admin may, however, select another user as the owner. When a Survey Publisher or Department Admin user changes the owner, he is essentially assigning the item of work (in this case a survey collection) to another user. It is not necessary to reassign to other Department Admin or Survey Publishers since these users are granted rights to edit any item for any survey, live or inactive, regardless of whether or not he owns the item.

Description: An optional description explaining the purpose of the survey collection. This description appears on the Survey Index page and on the Survey page (prior to selecting a specific survey from the dropdown list).

Survey Security: The available options here are "Cookies", "Invitation", "IP Tracking", and "None". In most cases, you will not want the survey taker to submit a single survey more than once, and in some cases you will only want specific users to submit the survey.

  • Cookies: When selected, a cookie on the client machine will keep track of the surveys taken from that machine. However, often a family will log onto their computer under the same local user account. If you anticipate more than one family member, for instance, taking the survey you might consider selecting one of the other options.
  • Invitation: When selected, only users who receive e-mail invitations may take the surveys in the survey collection. And each invitee may only take each survey one time. The invitees are identified by a unique URL which they receive in the email. The disadvantage of this method of security, however, is that you must know the email address of each user you want to take the survey. Note that e-mail invitations and reminders may be sent regardless of the security mode.
  • IP Tracking: When selected, the system will keep track of the surveys taken from the client's IP address and will disallow duplicate submissions from a single IP address
  • None: When selected, no security applies to the surveys in the collection. Any user can take the survey multiple times.

Note that when an administrator logs onto the E-Data Collection Admin Tool, and previews and submits surveys for testing purposes, the security mode does not apply to logged in administrators.

Also note that if an invitee takes a survey using the URL sent to him, his submission status is recorded regardless of the mode of security.

Surveys: Selecting a survey or "Add Survey" from this dropdown list will contract the Survey Collections form. (You may also click on the Survey caption to add a new survey.) If an existing survey is selected, the details form will appear in edit mode; if "Add Survey" is selected, a blank details form will open in add mode. Remember to save any changes to the Survey Collection by clicking the Update button before navigating to the Surveys form.

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