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Survey Manager

Survey FormPreview icon: When the preview icon beside the Surveys dropdown list is clicked, a new browser window opens up and loads the selected survey.

Note that when a logged in administrator (Department Admin, Publisher or Author) previews surveys, he is viewing the survey and the entire survey collection as if the survey was published (whether or not it is in fact published).

A survey must meet the following criteria to be published:

  • Its collection must be "Activated" (The collection's activation checkbox is checked.)
  • The survey itself must be "Activated" (The survey's activation checkbox is checked.)
  • The survey has either no dates specified in its Active Date range or the current date is within the specified Active Date range. (See Active Dates below).

Name: This is the title of the selected Survey. It appears at the top of the survey (below the Survey Collection title) and also in the Survey Index, which lists all active surveys.

Deactivate: A deactivated (unchecked) survey is not published. It will not appear in the Survey Index and will not be an accessible survey to non-administrative users. When the user attempts to load a deactivated survey in the browser he will either receive an error message stating that the selected survey is no longer available or, if there is one other active survey in the collection, will be redirected to the active survey. If there are multiple active surveys in the collection, the user will be redirected to the Survey Collection page where he may choose one of the active surveys, but not the deactivated survey. To preview the load behavior of a deactivated, or unpublished survey, log out of the administrative tool and try to access it.

The deactivate checkbox setting overrides the Active Date range settings discussed below. Note also that only Survey Publishers and Department Admin users may activate (publish) or deactivate a survey. When an author creates a survey, it is not active and it will remain inactive as long as a publisher or Department Admin user does not activate it.

Copy: Click the copy link or icon to go to the copy page (see screenshot below). You must specify the origin and destination. Select the department, survey collection and survey to be copied from the dropdownlists on the left side of the page, and select the destination department and survey collection, and enter a unique name for the new survey on the right side of the page. Click the Copy button to create the new survey and enter edit mode. (Note that the screenshot below is viewed from the perspective of a Super Admin user.)

Copy Survey

You will notice that you are also able to preview department index pages, survey collection pages, and surveys directly from this admin screen in order to ensure that you are copying the correct survey into the correct survey collection.

Delete SurveyDelete: When a Survey is deleted, all its child sections, questions and submission results are also deleted. (Note the warning in Survey Collections above). Note also that only Survey Publishers and Department Admin users may delete a survey.

Purge Test DataPurge Test Data: Clicking the recycle bin button purges all test data for the selected survey. When a logged in administrator (Department Admin, Publisher, or Author) submits a survey from the preview, the submission is flagged as test data. The administrator can then generate (demo) reports on that test data. When he or she is done testing the survey, the test data should be purged. Only Survey Publishers and Department Admin users may purge the test data for a survey.

Survey Owner: You will notice that the Survey Owner is listed in a dropdownlist. If, however, you only have Survey Author rights, the Survey Owner is readonly.

When a Survey is created, the Survey Owner is, by default, the creator. Survey Publishers and Department Admin may, however, select another user as the owner. When a Survey Publisher or Department Admin user changes the owner, he is essentially assigning the item of work (in this case a survey) to another user. It is not necessary to reassign to other Department Admin or Survey Publishers since these users are granted rights to edit any item for any survey, live or inactive, regardless of whether or not he owns the item.

Description: A description explaining the purpose of the selected survey. It appears in the Survey Index.

Active Dates: Click on the From or To textbox buttons to open the calendar pop-up control. Select the date range for which the selected survey should be active. Although you can deactivate a survey by simply unchecking the Deactivate checkbox on the day that it should become inactive, the publisher may forget. The surveys will always be available as long as the date range is not specified and the Deactivate checkbox is checked. It is also possible to specify just one of the dates (From or To). If only From is specified (the begin date), the survey will become available on the date specified and will run indefinitely. Prior to that date, it will not be available. If, on the other hand, only the To date is specified (the end date), the survey will remain available from the present until the date specified. Deactivating a survey or survey collection overrides the Active Dates settings.

Instructions: This is text that appears at the top of the survey, just beneath the survey title.

Confirmation: This is text that appears as confirmation when the form is submitted successfully. If left blank, the default confirmation message will be used. (The default confirmation message is set in the Web.Config file in the application's root directory; update the ConfirmationMessage application setting to change the default.)

Image: If desired, select an image to appear in the upper-right side (under the survey title and to the right of the Instructions) of the survey form. Images are uploaded via the Logo Manager screen. Once you select an image, you can preview it by clicking the preview icon beside the Image dropdown list.

Sections: If sections have already been created for the selected survey, they will appear in a table (as shown in the previous screenshot). If there are multiple sections created for the survey, you can use the up and down arrow button to reorder them. Once the arrow buttons are clicked the new order is automatically committed (i.e., it is not necessary to click the Update button, as long other changes haven't been made to the Survey form). To deactivate a section, uncheck the corresponding checkbox. To activate a section, check the corresponding checkbox. Again it is unnecessary to click the Update button when activating or deactivating sections in the table, as long other changes haven't been made to the Survey form. To drill down to the Sections form, and contract the Surveys form do one of the following: If you want to edit a section, click the pencil icon (edit icon) beside the Section you want to edit; or, to add a new section, click the Sections caption link. Note that if no sections have yet been created for the selected survey, your only option is the latter.

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