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Survey Sections

Survey SectionName: This is the title of the selected Section. It appears as the Section header.

DisableDeactivate: A deactivated (unchecked) section will not appear in the survey, nor will its child questions. If the survey was submitted while the section was active, the results will still appear in the generated reports though the section no longer appears in surveys currently viewed and submitted by survey takers.

DeleteDelete: When a Section is deleted, all its child questions and submission results are also deleted. Note the warning in Survey Collections above. Note also that only Survey Publishers and Department Admin users may delete a section.

Description: An optional description explaining the purpose of the section. This description appears above the group questions.

Use Answer Matrix: If this section should implement an answer matrix, select "Yes" for Use Answer Matrix, and select the answer matrix to use from the dropdownlist. If selected, you will not be asked to specify answer groups for each of the questions in the section, since the matrix applies to all questions within the section.

Questions: If questions have already been created for the selected section, they appear in a table (as shown in the figure above). If there are multiple questions created for this section (as there should be), you can use the up and down arrow buttons to reorder them. Once the arrow buttons are clicked the new order is automatically saved (i.e., it is not necessary to click the Update button as long other changes haven't been made to the Section form). To deactivate a question, uncheck the corresponding checkbox. To activate a question, check the corresponding checkbox. Again it is unnecessary to click the Update button when activating or deactivating questions in the table as long other changes haven't been made to the Section form. To drill down to the Questions form, thereby contracting the Sections, form do one of the following: If you want to edit a question, click the pencil icon (edit icon) beside the Question you want to edit; or, to add a new question, simply click the Questions caption link. Note that if no questions have previously been created for the selected section, your only option is the latter.

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