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Survey System Icons

The following table shows the icons used throughout the survey system and what they indicate, as well as whether or not they are clickable and functional:

Icon Meaning Function
star Indicates the active page in a list of sub-links for a tab. Not Clickable
Link Indicates page in a list of sub-links that is not the active page, but can be navigated to by clicking on the link. Not Clickable
Preview Preview button for the selected resource Click to preview
Delete Delete button for the selected resource. (Requires user confirmation.) Click to delete
Details Details for the corresponding resource. Click to view details
Purge Purge test data of selected survey Click to delete
Copy Survey Copy the selected surveys structure to create a new survey. Click to copy
Promote Promote resource up one row in the resource table. Click to move up
Demote Demote resource down one row in the resource table. Click to move down
Edit Edit selected resource Click to edit
Matrix Indicates that the selected Response group is a Matrix Not Clickable
Help Help button for the resource or form field. Click for help
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