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User Management

When you log in as either Master Admin or Department Admin, you can manage user accounts. To access the user accounts screen, click on the Manage tab or the Account Manager sub-link in the Manage panel.

Your own account details will appear by default. You may update your name, username, or password, but not your own roles.

To add a new account, select "Add User" from the Users dropdownlist. Enter a Name (first and last are required, while the middle initial is optional), a unique Username, and select the Role(s) that should apply to the new user. If no roles are selected, the user will not be able to log in to the Admin Tool. Although a user can be assigned all roles, having all roles assigned and having only Master Admin or Department Admin assigned has the same effect: Master Admin or Department Admin rights will apply. Likewise, selecting Survey Publisher and Survey Author roles is the same as selecting only Survey Publisher: Survey Publisher rights apply. However, if the user should have Survey Publisher (or Survey Author) rights and also be able to view "Live Data", Survey Publisher (or Survey Author) must be selected in addition to Business Analyst.

If you want the new user to log in for the first time without supplying a password, click the Empty Password link to hide the password fields (if they are not already hidden). If the password fields are hidden, the link changes to Set Password. Click Set Password to reveal the password fields. Whether you set a password or not, the first time a user logs into the Admin Tool, the user will be required to change the password. The length of the password must be between six and 12 characters and must not be the same as the original. The user will not be able to use the Admin Tool until the password has be updated.

You may create accounts as either enabled or disabled. When an account is disabled, the user may not log into the tool.

Click the Add Account button to create the new account. The new user’s name will appear selected in the Users dropdownlist and the form will change to update mode (i.e., the button’s text will now read "Update Account".)

To update a user’s account, select the user’s name from the Users dropdownlist. When selected, the form is populated with the user’s details. If you wish to modify the name, username, password or roles, you must click the Update Account button to apply the changes. If, however, you only wish to disable or enable the account, simply check or uncheck the Enable checkbox. The form will process the change automatically.

As when you create a new user, when you update a user’s password (other than your own), the next time that user logs into the Admin Tool, he or she will be required to change his or her password.

Note that while Master Admin and Department Admin users have the Account Manager under the Manage tab in the header menu, all other users have the Update Password link under the Secure tab. Clicking on this link allows users to view their own user details and enables them to change their password as they please. They may not view or update other users’ details.

Note the following about Master Admin and the [Default] department:

  • The Master Admin user is, in fact, a Department Admin of the [Default] department as well as all other departments.
  • If only one department exists in the system (i.e., [Default]), the Master Admin can add other Master Admin accounts, Survey Publishers, Authors, or Business Analysts to the [Default] department. However, if other departments are created, all of the users in the [Default] department become Master Admins.
  • As long as there is just one department in the database (i.e., [Default]), the Master Admin will be presented with a slightly different Accounts screen. In this case, there is an additional option for selecting whether the new user account should be a Master Account. This takes the place of the Department Admin role in the previous screenshot. When the Master Account option is set to No, the administrator may select other roles from the listbox. However, when Yes is selected, Assigned Roles is not available. Once additional departments have been created, all [Default] department users become Master Admins and therefore, the Master Account option will always be disabled with Yes selected.

The following section discusses the recommended process for creating survey collections and surveys using the Survey Builder and other tools.

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