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TypeLibBuilder.exe has stopped working

Error updating JScript IntelliSense: Client-side script IntelliSense information was not generated due to an error in an external script reference.

Added on 18 Jun 2008


Scenario Summary:
This error occurs seemingly randomly when and ASPX page is in code-view, and less frequently when it's in design view.
Scenario Details:
Added on 18 Jun 2008

Solution Summary:
This issue is not documented and a fix is not known to be available.
Solution Details:

Visual Studio is installed on a new machine running Vista Ultimate (64-bit).  Standard install was used, and no Windows settings were customized.  In other words, VS should be bug free.  Even after reinstalling VS, the error persisted.  However, a pattern can be detected:  The error occurs more frequently when the referenced JavaScript file is open in one tab while the ASPX page that references the JavaScript file is open in another tab. 

To minimize the occurence of the TypeBuilderType error, ensure the referenced JavaScript file is not open in another tab.  Furthermore, ensure that the script reference is complete - i.e., specify the language attribute, source attribute and the type attribute as follows:

<script src="./javascript/global.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
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