Easy Projects .NET

Easy Projects .NET

Easy Projects .NET is the easiest all-in-one web based project management software, and the latest generation web-based application for managing and tracking software development, IT, manufacturing, financial and many other types of projects.

It's not just project management, but time, issue, and request tracking. Why pay for these functions separately when they are all connected? You will be able to track and organize virtually any type of project!


Testimonial “Easy Projects.net was the best alternative we found to Microsoft Projects. It's a small yet powerful app that really helps manage project development online. Great work, keep it up!.”
- Daniel Arce Benjamin
President / Web Developer
HER Computers

The following list comprises the key features of this robust project management system:
  • Easy Project Management:  Using only a few clicks you will be able to see a complete picture of your project including resource allocation, completed and outstanding tasks, fixed and opened issues, status of customers' requests, employees/contractors timesheets and other valuable information.
  • Multi-nested (hierarchical) Projects and Activities: The system allows you to have an unlimited number of projects and activities with as many sub-levels of hierarchy as you need. You can split large tasks into small ones, assign deadlines and team members, specify estimated durations and activity categories.
  • Employees/Contractors Timesheets: This allows you to have each team member select the project and task assigned to him, enter number of hours, and specify the status of the task so that you can know exactly how your project members spent their working time.
  • Source Code: Easy Projects .NET offers an option of obtaining the source code package. Easy Projects .NET is built on the Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server. This means that the product can be easily modified to meet your business requirements or integrated into your existing system.
  • Issue (defect) Tracking: Use this feature for your internal issues tracking or for client support. Once a defect is submitted, it will be automatically converted to a task and assigned to a member of the team responsible for the project.
  • Auto assign: Once a new feature request or issue is submitted to your system by the customer, the request or issue is automatically converted to a task and assigned to a specific team member, based on your preferences. As soon as the task is assigned it appears on the person's task list.
  • Project Milestones:You can add tasks to a milestone and then easily track its status using the Milestone report. You'll know immediately what has to be done in order for a milestone to be completed. You will also see the milestones on a Gantt chart.
  • Email Notifications: This feature will keep your team members updated in real-time and provide excellent communication within a team. Each user will be able to receive an email when the task or project he is working on is changed or assigned to him.
  • Billing Module: The Billing module allows you to specify individual rates for team members, tasks, customers and projects. You can also specify the fixed project cost, track expenses and payments. Billing reports provide you with the ability to retrieve detailed financial information on a project and use this data to either generate an invoice for your customers or for your accounting needs.
  • Calendar: The Calendar function allows you to view your schedule month by month or get the detailed daily view. You can also create events and assign them to yourself and/or to your team mates. Supervisors and project managers can view other people's schedules.
  • AND all the standard features you'd expect from a serious project management system including file attachments, customizable statuses, message boards to help facilitate communication with your clients, reports and statistics, as well as roles and permissions.

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Gantt Chart Gantt Chart
Time Entries Time Entries
Project Details Project Details
Activities Activities


Easy Projects .NET is licensed based on the total number of active (not disabled) user accounts. E.g. if you need 6 different users to have their own logins, you need to get six 1-user licenses.

Any disabled user account does not count against total number of user licenses. E.g. if you have 6 enabled accounts and 3 disabled ones, you need to have a license only for 6 users.

# Licenses Cost Checkout
1 User $110.00  Buy
10 Users $935.00  Buy
100 Users $7,560.00  Buy
Source Code $2,500.00  Buy*

* The source code package comes as an addition to the user licenses and is not sold individually.

Easy Projects .NET source code includes everything that is needed to customize it for your requirements. The only modules that are not shipped with the source code are (1) the internal framework and (2) License validation code.
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