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Steware STUDIO .NET for WinForm

Steware Studio .NET for WinForm is a full component toolset that bundles the Gauges .NET and Charts .NET, to enable developers to add gauges and charts to their applications, providing a visually appealing gauge and chart graphic representation of data.


The following list comprises the key features of the chart and gauge controls:
  • Line, Area, Column, Stock and Pie Charts, with many different styles.
  • Linear, Circular, Number, LED and State Gauges, with many different styles.
  • Annular Guages:  Circular gauge, with circular scales and pointers, including a collection of knobs.
  • Numerical Gauges with multi-segments LED and digital wheel
  • Annular Charts: A collection of Annular Charts, providing chart and 3-D chart graphic representation for data with a circular scales and circular chart. It includes multiple graphics elements of Scale, tick mark, tick label, data series and data points.
  • Linnear Charts: A collection of Linear Charts, providing chart and 3-D chart graphic representation of data with linear scales and linear chart. It includes the multiple graphics elements of Scale, tick mark, tick label, data series and data points.
  • Legend Elements allow you to define legends with multiple items with fill color and gradients.
  • Labels: Define chart and gauge lables to display on the chart container.
  • Images:  Define chart and gauge images to display on the chart container, automatically resized with the container.
  • Pure .NET framework managed code.
  • 100% compatible with Visual Studio.NET.
  • All painting by GDI+.
  • Property Page, makes the creation of your Charts easy and straightforward.
  • Template and serialization support.
  • Selection of any Chart element by mouse pointer.
  • Real-time display of data.
  • Multiple data points and multiple data series.
  • Chart elements are assembled freely in the container to create flexible interface.
  • Custom labels displayed freely on the container.

Click each image for a larger screenshot.
Gauge Container Putting it all together!
Number Gauge Number Gauge
Annular Gauges Annular Gauges
Linear Gauge Linear Gauge
State Gauge State Gauge
Chart Container Putting it all together.
Annular Charts Annular Chart
Linear Charts Linear Chart
Legends Legends


Steware Studio .NET for WinForm - Cost $799 -  Buy
Steware Studio .NET is a full components toolset that is bundled with the Gauges .NET and Charts .NET , that help the developers add gauges and charts to applications to provide gauge and chart representations of data.

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