Online Rich-Text to HTML Conversion Tool

Use this Online tool to convert Rich-Text to HTML. (Great for converting programming code from Visual Studio to HTML for posting code-snippets on the forums and blogs.)
1.  Copy your content from a rich-text editor such as MS Word or Visual Studio and paste it into the first box. To PASTE simply click inside the first box and press CTRL+V on your keyboard.
2.  If you want to wrap your converted text in a scrollable DIV, specify width and height dimensions for the DIV.
3.  Scroll down and click the Convert to HTML button
4.  Click the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the HTML code into your Web page. (If you enter a lot of content into the RichTextBox, conversion may take a few seconds to complete.)
.NET Framework 2.0 and Internet Explorer are required to run this conversion utility. (If the control doesn't load within a few seconds, your system might not meet the requirements.)

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