Customer Support for products on this site is available under the following conditions:

  • Receive email support for up to 90 days after the date of purchase. 

  • For best results, use the Contact Form to make your initial inquiry.

  • The answers to questions can often be found in the (1) FAQ section, (2) the Installation guides (FormulatorNET or E-Data Collection), or (3) the online help sections of the respective applications.  We request that you contact support only after you have referred to these other sources.

  • Every effort is made to respond to your issues promptly, but there is no guaranteed response time. (Typical response time is under one business day, but it often depends on the nature of the issue being raised.)

  • Support is available for (1) help with use of the system (where there is insufficient explanation in the other sources listed above), (2) installation/setup guidance, and (3) bugs in the original software (i.e., prior to user code modifications).

  • Note the following exclusions:

    • Support is not available for users whose systems do not meet the requirements (such as the required versions of .NET Framework and SQL Server). 

    • Once the customer makes any code modifications to the software, we cannot guarantee support. (While it is often still given in such circumstances, it is done so at our discretion.)

    • No support is given for customizing applications or any code modification whatsoever.  We offer development services at an additional cost for customization or consultations pertaining to making code modifications.

  • To date, our Support has nearly a 100% effectiveness.  However, solutions are not guaranteed for all issues; particularly for issues caused by user-error, or the customer's server setup (over which we have no control).

  • You may be required to send technical support your database and other files in order to enable us to assess the issues.  If we are unable to replicate the problem, it may be impossible to resolve the issue; it is therefore important that we work with the same data when debugging.

  • We are happy to offer this free support -- but within reason.  In the event that the value of the time we spend on email support for any one customer exceeds the value of the product purchased, any additional support will be offered at a cost to the customer.
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